Monday, April 16, 2012

Infant Development Concert 2012

Last Wednesday (4/11/12) in PED 201 class everyone performed their Infant Development skits live at Poolside in C-State's Parkcenter. My group, The Physettes, performed "A Little Less Drinking, A Little More Caring" - a remix of Fall Out Boy's "A Little Less Kiss Me, A Little More Touch Me". Even though we had a little technical difficulty with our background music, I thought that we did a good job. I thought that all of the groups did an awesome job getting into their performances, despite being nervous!! It was a great experience to be in an uncomfortable position and having to perform, it sets us up for situations like interviews, being in front of larger groups, and teaching.

Check out our video skit as well as the live performance :)

Here are some still photos from our performance!

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