Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lab 4 at St. Mary's - 3/26/12

This week at St.Mary's my group was the Special Projects group. We were responsible for creating a bulletin board and closing activities- game, song, and cheer. We didn't have a theme this week. The skills we assessed were the overhand throw and the catch. (click here to see my observation worksheet)

The gym group did a great job with opening activities. I didn't think the Trash Can game they played would've turned out as well as it did, they had to force the kids to stop playing because they were having fun!
Once the kids broke off into their different stations my group updated the bulletin board in the gym. Lauren came up with the design and had all of the supplies, the rest of us helped her put it together. It turned out great!! After we were done, we played with some of the kids until it was time for our ending activities. One of the kids we played with was a 12 year old boy that was very good at soccer. I was very impressed with his skills (and so were the other girls in my group).

Christina's ending game was a mix between rock, paper, scissors and tag. There were two teams, each team had to disscuss what they were going to throw (rock, paper, or scissors), then the teams lined up. Which ever team lost had to run back to their base line without getting tagged, if they got tagged they had to go over onto the winning team. The kids liked this game. After the game I did the song Herman the Worm. A few of the kids already knew what it was from camps they had gone to (this is where I learned the song originally). I think the kids thought that the song was entertaining, but not very didn't go over as well as Ryan's Baby Shark song went the other week (Lab 3 I think). Kendra did an ending cheer.

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