Wednesday, April 25, 2012

St. Mary's Lab 6 - 4/23/12

Today was our last day at St. Mary's for 201. It was a very fun lab. My group was the gym group again, so we led the opening activities. What was different about today's lab was that we didn't assess any skills, so we played parachute games. The TA's led activities along with us. They went well, but we did have problems with some of the kids going through the hole that's in the middle of the parachute.

When we broke off into groups, the students that stayed with us played more parachute activites with a smaller parachute. After parachute games we played a bunch of different tag games. The students were loving tag today! We played blob tag, line tag, freeze tag, variatinos of freeze tag, regular tag, sharks and minnows....we played A LOT of tag, but the kids had fun!!! At the end we played a quick game of basketball before it was time for closing activities.

Everyone had a great time today at St. Mary's, it was bittersweet leaving them. From my experience at St. Mary's I've learned a lot, a lot more than I thought I would. One thing that I've learned is that you always need to be prepared and have back up plans for your class. You need to have the least amount of distractions as possible. You need to be aware of what age level your teaching and what is appropriate for them. I've taken all that I've learned to become a better teacher.

To see more on my reflections from St. Mary's - look at this!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

St.Mary's Lab 5

Today in Motor Development lab we were at St.Mary's. The kids were filled with energy from the warm weather we had today! Today my group was the gym group- we lead the starting activities, which the rest of our class assesed the students on their kicking and basketball dribble. The age group was K-2 (about 5yrs-8yrs). My game was called Kick The Can, Christine's was Guard the Castle, Kendra's was a variation of Red Light Green light, and Lauren's was Speed Ball (a mix of basketball and soccer).

I went first with my game which focused on kicking. I thought that it went well. There was a lot of participation since it was the first activity. What I noticed was that I (along with the TA's) had to keep telling the kids to stay behind the kicking line and that they had to kick the ball,not throw it. So that's something that I need to look over and change (how I explained things). The other games we did went well I think. We had less participation throughout the games, especially when we got to the last game. The kids enjoyed all of the games though!

After we were done in the gym we went into the Cafeteria with our kids. They had a quick snack, then they had free time after in the Cafeteria. The kids played with Legos, dominos, checkers, Sorry, and some colored. I played Legos and colored with different kids. These activites showed how creative kids' minds can be!

When the lab was over with, I thought that everyone did an awesome job! It looked like all of the kids enjoyed themselves. The doors that the Special Projects group started decorated looke great so far. The other groups that I saw looked pretty successful as well!

Only one more visit to St.Mary's for PED 201!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Exergame Lab (4/9/12)

In last Monday's Motor Development lab (4/9/12) we got to play around with the Exergame equipment. We started the lab off by playing a scavenger hunt using the scanner on our smartphones. This was an introduction into what our lab was going to be about.

Using the Exergame equipment is great and it's a unique experience. Many schools can't afford this equipment without PEP Grants, so not a lot of students are exposed to this technology. Also, not everyone agrees with using technology in a physical education class. Exergame equipment allows you to mix technology with physical activity.

There's equipment for all age levels. Hyperdash & the Fisher Price stationary bike would be good for Pre-K age through about 3rd grade I think. With Hyperdash you can set up the discs around the classroom or gym and have the kids play by colors, or by numbers using there math skills. With the Fisher Price bike students peddle along to collect letters and/or numbers along the race route that is on the TV. The next level would be the bigger stationary bike, along with the stair steppers connected to the XBox, and the Dance Dance Revolution-like system.

All of the equipment uses coordination skills & physical activity while, essentially, playing video games. Today's children love to play video games. Exergame equipment allows us to merge video games and physical fitness with one another. I think that kids will love the different systems that Exergame has to offer. It will make students want to be more involved during class. I think that using Exergame in physical eduaction classes is an excellent idea!!

Infant Development Concert 2012

Last Wednesday (4/11/12) in PED 201 class everyone performed their Infant Development skits live at Poolside in C-State's Parkcenter. My group, The Physettes, performed "A Little Less Drinking, A Little More Caring" - a remix of Fall Out Boy's "A Little Less Kiss Me, A Little More Touch Me". Even though we had a little technical difficulty with our background music, I thought that we did a good job. I thought that all of the groups did an awesome job getting into their performances, despite being nervous!! It was a great experience to be in an uncomfortable position and having to perform, it sets us up for situations like interviews, being in front of larger groups, and teaching.

Check out our video skit as well as the live performance :)

Here are some still photos from our performance!