Tuesday, April 17, 2012

St.Mary's Lab 5

Today in Motor Development lab we were at St.Mary's. The kids were filled with energy from the warm weather we had today! Today my group was the gym group- we lead the starting activities, which the rest of our class assesed the students on their kicking and basketball dribble. The age group was K-2 (about 5yrs-8yrs). My game was called Kick The Can, Christine's was Guard the Castle, Kendra's was a variation of Red Light Green light, and Lauren's was Speed Ball (a mix of basketball and soccer).

I went first with my game which focused on kicking. I thought that it went well. There was a lot of participation since it was the first activity. What I noticed was that I (along with the TA's) had to keep telling the kids to stay behind the kicking line and that they had to kick the ball,not throw it. So that's something that I need to look over and change (how I explained things). The other games we did went well I think. We had less participation throughout the games, especially when we got to the last game. The kids enjoyed all of the games though!

After we were done in the gym we went into the Cafeteria with our kids. They had a quick snack, then they had free time after in the Cafeteria. The kids played with Legos, dominos, checkers, Sorry, and some colored. I played Legos and colored with different kids. These activites showed how creative kids' minds can be!

When the lab was over with, I thought that everyone did an awesome job! It looked like all of the kids enjoyed themselves. The doors that the Special Projects group started decorated looke great so far. The other groups that I saw looked pretty successful as well!

Only one more visit to St.Mary's for PED 201!

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