Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post #2 - Thoughts on first day of class, blogging, and my future

January 18 was the first day of classes for the Spring 2012 semester. In our first day of PED 201 professor Yang gave us an overview of what the class is going to be like. He gave us instructions for our homework assigments and showed us how to get to St. Mary's where we will be working with the kids for our lab. Professor Yang warned us that the kids probably aren't going to behave the same way they do during schools hours, that they will be wild and crazy.

I am looking foward to working with these kids, no matter how crazy they are. I have worked at a summer program for my home elementary school for a number of summers and I loved working with them, even the wild ones! I love seeing kids have fun while learning about what their bodies can do, which is why I'm looking foward to my future in physical education.

Although this is only my second post in a blog, it seems like a fun and easy way of doing homework. Blogging is almost like writing in a diary, except everybody can read it. It's a way of sharing things you find interesting with everyone and it's a way for people to follow your progress in life.

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