Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 1 of 201 lab

In our first day of 201 lab at St.Mary's we observed what happened at the after school program. We watched what the TA's did with the kids, in which we will eventually be doing these activities with our groups. We also got a tour of the school and learned what exactly it is we will be doing with our time at St.Mary's.

Before we went to lab we were told that the kids would be very crazy, but actually seeing it is different than thinking about what it would be like. I've been around young children before & have assisted with summer classes, so I'm used to dealing with elementary aged kids. But it can still be a little overwheleming in a new environment, with kids everywhere and kids not wanting to participate. But I'm looking foward to working with my group & the kids for the semester.

What I observed in lab...

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