Monday, February 13, 2012

Lab #2 at St.Mary's (2/6/12)

Last week we were at St.Mary's for our second lab and the theme was "Valentines Day". My group was with the Cafeteria kids, which has the fifth graders in it. Before we did anything with them, everyone watched the opening games & observed the kids for the 3 fundamental skills (gallop, run, and hop)- see My worksheet for Lab #2.

It was a nice day outside, so we were out on the playground first with the older kids. We played with kids in whatever they were doing, I joined some of the boys in a game of tag. After being outside for a while we went back inside and played a couple of games in the gym. First, we played my game which was "Where's My Valentine". In this game the kids had to move around (either hopping, running, skipping-whatever I told them to do) while the music was playing, and when the music stopped they had to find a partner and "greet" them in some way (touching ankles, making a heart with their hands, etc.). The few kids that we got to play the game didn't really seem interested at first, but they enjoyed it by the time we were done with the game. After "Where's My Valentine" we played a game that was a mix of soccer & basketball, and the kids really liked that game. At one point we had most of the kids that were in the gym playing the game!

From this lab I learned that the kids feed off of you. If your really enthusiastic towards the game, they tend to be enthusiastic. If they see that your having fun playing the game, they have more fun with the game.

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